Web Filtering & Spam Filtering

Web Content FilteringDoes your company need Web Content Filtering?

Content filtering is the use of a software program or a hardware-based solution that can prevent your employees from accessing certain websites, applications, files and other content. It is important for employers to know how their resources are being used and to be able to dictate what employees can and cannot do on the company’s network. Certain user behaviors, such as peer-to-peer file sharing, instant messaging or downloading certain executable files can open up your network to malware and poses a great security risk to your data.

In addition to the security threats that risky user behavior poses to your information assets, employees may spend a tremendous amount of time doing non work-related things such as interacting on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. They may also put an enormous strain on your network resources and bandwidth by accessing streaming media or other sites, such as YouTube, to watch videos or listen to music. Or they may engage in the illegal downloading of copyrighted materials. All of these activities hinder employee productivity and can put your business at risk.

Cyrex-IT provides managed web and content filtering solutions that can help you monitor employee web surfing patterns and control the content that users may access on your network. We can help you to implement policies and controls that will enforce your organization’s security policies and provide a safe online working environment.