Your Personal Help Desk

How Can We Help You?


Help desks provide front line support for organizational IT issues, but hiring full-time helpdesk technicians can be too costly for smaller companies. Cyrex-IT can provide your business with cost-effective and responsive technical support through our virtual helpdesk service. With our helpdesk service, you can benefit from our technical support without the costs and administrative overhead associated with hiring helpdesk employees. Users will be able to make unlimited calls for help with their technical issues.  

When users call our helpdesk line with problems regarding their desktops, laptops or servers, our first tier technicians will be standing by to help them. First tier technicians generate incident trouble tickets to track all calls to the helpdesk line and provide troubleshooting to resolve customer issues. If the first tier technicians can’t fix the issue, the ticket will then be assigned to our more experienced second tier support. Our technicians can usually fix most issues within 15 minutes.  With our remote support software, we are able to log into the user’s system and resolve their technical problems.

If for any reason our technicians cannot resolve your problems through our virtual helpdesk, we will make an onsite visit to take care of the issue.