Network Security

Network Security

Is your network secure?

Businesses are becoming more and more reliable on networked resources and data to conduct their daily operations. At the same time, the increase in network security threats and security breaches are continually rising. If your business is connected to the Internet then it is at risk.

In order to combat the constant threats to your business, you need robust network security measures in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information.

At Cyrex-IT we have extensive experience with Network Security and will offer a free security assessment of your network. We can help you analyze potential threats and prevent them from infiltrating your network.

Information Security Services

  • Penetration Testing To Protect From Internal & External Attacks

Our team is specifically trained to test the effectiveness of your network security, while ensuring that your systems are not inadvertently taken down in the process. We perform black-box, grey box and white-box testing, so that you know how your network will fare against an outside or inside attack. We will provide a full report of our findings and offer recommendations to secure any weaknesses. By helping you to identify and quantify the impact of a possible security breach before it happens, you can proactively manage your security risks.

  • Wireless Security

We provide wireless security solutions to ensure the safety and reliability of your wireless networks. From software and firmware updates to wireless security scanning, we help companies to stay connected and secure through active maintenance and management.