60% of businesses who loose their data go out of business.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Did you know that 60% of businesses that loose their data end up closing their business within 6 months?

Data is the most valuable asset any business has now a days because everything is digital. Imagine if there is a fire or hurricane and you loose your computers, telephone systems... All that can be purchased again but if you loose your data you don't know how much your customers owe you, or who you customers are. You might remember a few of them but not all of them. You will have to recreate everything that took years to develop all over again. It could become a nightmare.

That is why it is so important to have a backup and disaster recover plan in place. The plan has to be tested regularly to make sure it works and you will be able to restore your information when you need to.

Most people have a backup solution and but they set it and forget it. But what happens if you need to restore your data one day and you find out that it hadn't backed up successfully for 6 months? That is why you need to test restoring the data to make 100% sure your data is being backed up correctly.

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