We started using Cyrex-IT in January of 2015. Like most businesses today, Pediatric Respiratory Care of South Florida, Inc. depends on its computer systems. Before we met Mr. Reyes, our computer problems were daily. Trying to remedy these issues with friends of friends usually turned out to be patches to our underlying problems and usually cost an arm and a leg. Mr. Reyes’ customer service skills reeled us in but his knowledge about current technical advances, about state and federal regulations, including HIPPA, and his willingness to adapt to our systems, hooked us on his services. Our computers receive regular preventative maintenance in an effort to avoid and/or correct any technical issues in a timely and cost effective manner. We can honestly say that since we started using Cyrex-IT, our business productivity has increase exponentially and our computer problems have been reduced to almost non-existent.


If you need efficiency in your daily interaction with your computer, we strongly recommend that you try Cyrex-IT…you will never try anyone else.


Pediatric Respiratory Care of South Florida, Inc.

Karen Alba, General Manager

Karen Alba, General Manager

We have been working with Cyrex-IT for many years and we have improved our bottom line by using their Network Monitoring.  They monitor our network and computers and they fix issues before they happen most of the time.  We have very little down time which has helped us improve our productivity.


In our high paced business we can't afford to be down and Cyrex-IT has helped us do that.  Overall, I would give Cyrex-IT my highest recommendation.

Gus Cifuentes, President